Our Patients

Our Patients

The clinic’s first patients arrive.

First year of service. In our first year of service, the CVIM Founders Clinic has proudly served over 450 uninsured patients by providing over 800 medical appointments! Patients have traveled from all corners of Clackamas County though the majority reside in Oregon City, Milwaukie, Canby and Clackamas. The largest age group is between 19-45 years of age, followed by those 46-65 years old.

Andria’s message – “If you’re sick…and don’t have health insurance, call the Founders Clinic.”

Patients have no access to on-going healthcare. Many of our patients have faced extreme challenges during the recent years of economic decline and found themselves without healthcare. They are in need of a ‘medical home’ where their doctors know them and work with them over time. At the clinic patients work together with staff to manage their health and wellness and to address long-term chronic conditions.

Health issues. In addition to regular check-ups, some of the top health issues facing our clients are COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, gastrointestinal issues, weight control, and cholesterol-related issues. Most have not seen a primary care physician in many years.

Our patients are saying–

“I just really appreciate all the help I am getting there. This clinic and doctor made me feel very comfortable in an otherwise very awkward situation.”

–“It’s nice to know people are volunteering to make sure we feel better. Thank you very much!”

–“Thank you so much for volunteering your time and energies.”

–“Thank you so much for your time, hopeful encouragement! I appreciate all of you with warmest love.”

–“You guys are the best and took care of my Papi and that’s all that counts!!”

–“Considering how new and hectic a new Clinic must be, your staff was so wonderful and efficient.”

–“All of you are always so cheerful. I really do appreciate the wonderful work you do.”

–“I always get the best care here. Everyone is extremely friendly and caring.”

–“Extremely grateful for the efficiency and kindness and also the doctors efforts to educate regarding the dynamics of this disease and my recovery. You are saving my life! Thank you!!”

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