Patient Stories

“When I didn’t have any hope, the clinic saved my life!” Jean Perrigo and her husband, Steve, lost their home in central Oregon and now live in a 5th wheel. With no medical insurance and a lingering cough that was previously misdiagnosed, they found CVIM. Dr. Silflow, one of our volunteer physicians, who took the time to dig a little deeper, discovering that the cough was not the flu, but cancer. Although a devastating diagnosis, Jean credits CVIM with saving her life. “They are all physical angels,” she says.


“The people at CVIM are gentle people…great people,” explains Myra Patino who had uterine cancer diagnosed by Dr. Cooper, a volunteer OB-GYN at the clinic. She was referred for a biopsy and hysterectomy, all provided free through CVIM and its network of partners.  Myra and her sister are both clinic patients, being treated for high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and asthma. Myra says that she “feels safe here.”


“After all the years of hearing ‘no’, the CVIM clinic said ‘yes.’ We will help!” Erzsebet “Liz” Cotney, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Budapest, Hungary, was struggling with a mysterious medical condition. Dr. Norris, our volunteer medical director, discovered that a Caesarian section of 35 years ago was the cause. Treatment is now underway to help Liz, who had lost everything, including insurance, when her husband died.  “I was so nervous and uncomfortable about this,” she explains. “But here, everyone knows me and asks how I am doing.” Her son-in-law, Jeremy, adds “Some free clinics are like DMV offices. You take a number!  CVIM is a professional medical clinic where we are people with names.”

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