KP Cares Night

Kaiser Permanente’s KP Cares partners with The Founders Clinic

to Celebrate our First Year Anniversary

Registration volunteers ready to greet new
patients to the clinic.

Mobile dental van with two dental stations.

Patient receiving dental services.

Patient receives an eye exam.

Medical Director, Dr. Mike Norris, thanks Kaiser Permanente representatives for $15,000 donation toward
the work of the clinic.

KP Cares ~ Kaiser Permanente’s volunteer outreach effort ~ partnered with CVIM Founders Clinic on May 7 to help us celebrate our first year serving our neighbors in Clackamas County. The clinic was open for an evening of extended services by Kaiser Permanente physicians, nurses, optometrists, and dentists to help us welcome new patients to the clinic.

Over 40 patients received a wide range of free services during the evening ~ services invaluable to our patients.

Dental Service~ a dental van was available through Kaiser Permanente’s partnership with Medical Teams International. Two KP dentists and their assistants were able to provide a number of exams, 7 fillings and 9 extractions ~ $4000 worth of services.

Vision exams were also available during the evening. Those who needed glasses picked from a range of frame styles and returned two weeks later to pick up a completed free pair.

CVIM Founders Clinic thanks all who made this evening a reality ~

  • KP Cares Volunteers
  • CVIM Founders Clinic volunteers and staff
  • Ron Schoals, Kaiser Permanente Employee Engagement Coordinator.

Lab work was also available.

Gratitude…. this picture speaks louder than words.

From Kaiser Permanente ~ Gary Petersen, Tracy Dannen-Grace, Catherine Potter and Ron Schoals. From CVIM (in green) ~ Karen Shimada and Jan Hochstatter.

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