KP Observes MLK Day

Kaiser Permanente partners with The Founders Clinic
to observe MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Day, 30 patients received medical care from Kaiser Permanente (KP) volunteer medical staff and CVIM volunteers. As recipients of a KP grant in support of CVIM’s “reaching out to the uninsured,” The Founders Clinic was able to add a full day of medical appointments to serve new and existing patients.

Sally Mckeska, CVIM, ready to welcome patients to the clinic.
Karen Kane, a volunteer with Cover Oregon, assists patient filling out an application for enrollment in the Oregon Health Plan.
KP doc, Michael Krall, gathers information from patient while CVIM scribe Richard Delavan takes electronic notes.
KP doctor, May Wang, reviews upcoming schedule with CVIM scribe, Gary Strosser.
K-P Nurse, Misha Hardison, double-checks follow up plans with patient as CVIM volunteer Phyllis Derry
waits to complete a visit satisfaction survey.
The day was a resounding success for KP staff on their first visit to The Founders Clinic. They expressed appreciation for CVIM’s dedicated volunteers and the leadership provided by Acting Medical Director, Dr. John Stiger. All the docs were impressed with our cadre of medical scribes who made it possible for them to focus on patient care without the challenge of an unfamiliar health record system.

Additional services provided. In addition to direct patient care at the clinic, several patients were referred for more specialized free services. Volunteer enrollment specialists were also on hand all day to educate patients about their new options under the Affordable Care Act and facilitate their application process.

A highlight of the afternoon occurred when CVIM volunteer, Pat Bladen, retired KP nurse, recognized the voice of Dr. Seth Rosenfeld. The two, who had coordinated patient care only by phone for over 20 years, recognized each other’s voices and met in person for the first time. The clinic was filled with the spirit of their excitement at finally meeting face-to-face.

Patient satisfaction surveys noted the friendly atmosphere and thoroughness of the doctors’ care and explanations. The best part of his experience one gentleman wrote, was, “the people and their care and concern. You rock!”

CVIM’s Phyllis Derry with KP Nurse Misha Hardison, who beamed, “I’ve been interested in being a volunteer for this clinic…and KP Cares made it possible!”
Clinic Operations Manager, Karen Shimada, with Acting Medical Dr. John Stiger.
CVIM volunteer Jean Taylor prepares patient for lab draw.

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