Bridge to the Future

Bridge to the Future

First anniversary luncheon was held at the Museum of the Oregon Territory in the Tumwater Room.

April 25th Anniversary Luncheon a Huge Success!

$40,000+ raised. Over 110 friends and volunteers of the Founders Clinic raised over $40,000 at the Founders Clinic’s first anniversary luncheon on April 25.

Bridge to the Future, the luncheon’s theme, was carried out with glass centerpieces featuring the Arch Bridge over the Willamette River. The theme describes the Clinic’s role as a bridge to a healthier future for medically uninsured individuals who lack access to healthcare. The Clinic also serves as a bridge to other vital medical and healthcare services, including specialists, so that patients can get well, and stay well.

Dr. William Pyrch Leadership Award established. A highlight of the event was the presentation of the new award to Pamela Bloom, CEO of B & B Leasing. John Pyrch, son of the late Dr. Bill Pyrch, congratulated Pam on receiving this award.

$15,000 presented by Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Another highlight was Catherine Potter of Kaiser Permanente Hospitals presenting a check for $15,000 for Clinic operations.

Andria Guidotti’s story celebrated. Andria, one of the Founders Clinic’s first patients, graciously shared her story. Her message to all of those attending the luncheon was simple:

“The Clinic saved my life. Every person I have come into contact—nurses, doctors, front desk volunteers—have worked so hard to help me. I wouldn’t be here without the Founders Clinic.”

She is grateful for the bridge to a hopeful future that the Founders Clinic has given to her, her kids,and her family.

We thank our Event Committee!


  • Sherrie Henson
  • Jan Hochstatter


  • Diane Wustrack
  • Alice Norris
  • Paul Hauer
  • Charlie Hickman
  • Fran Royston
  • Chuck Kienlen
  • Judi Kienlen

Board member, Alice Norris, speaking with guests.
Luncheon guests were welcomed by event co-chair Jan Hochstatter shown with Dr. Eugene & Doris Minard.

John Pyrch, son of the late Dr. Bill Pyrch, congratulates Pam on receiving the Dr. Pyrch Leadership Award.

Tracy Dannen-Grace presents $15,000 donation on behalf of Kaiser Permanente Hospitals.

Board member, Chuck Keinlen, with Andrea Guidotti, whose story was highlighted at the luncheon.

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