Lowe’s Heroes

Lowe’s Heroes


Clinic celebrates a job well done by Lowe’s Heroes Volunteers!

Lowe’s heroes line up to celebrate a job well done.

Lowe’s Heroes volunteers rolled up their sleeves, donned their work gear, and went to work sprucing up the clinic on July 8th. The clinic was selected by Lowe’s Clackamas Store 1824 as their 2013 “Lowe’s Heroes” awardee. The band of volunteers arrived equipped and ready to professionally install needed items and services requested by the clinic and donated by Lowe’s.

Kudos to our heroes who transformed the parking lot with newly painted parking stripes, handicapped parking designation, and walkways along with greenery to spruce up our entryway. Inside they made short work of installing window film, ceiling fans, metal shelving, an accessible toilet, a dishwasher, a patient education bookcase, and more.

Michelle Grzelewski, a registered nurse volunteer at the clinic and a Lowe’s employee for 9 years, nominated the Founders Clinic when Store 1824 asked their employees for a worthy local cause to support. Michelle sees parallels between the missions of Lowes and the CVIM Founders Clinic ~

“Both of these organizations are dedicated to empowering people to improve the quality of their life. Whether it be through skilled professionals who teach them how to design and implement home improvement projects or health care professionals who support them in improving their health through access to healthcare, proper medications, and education, each are making a positive difference in our community.”

Mary Walker, Human Resources Manager, stated ~

“We were thrilled to find a cause that one of our long-term staff members was so passionate about. Michelle knew just how Store 1824 could make a truly meaningful impact with our donation of materials and services by our employees through the Lowe’s Heroes’ program.”

Lowe’s stores nationwide have adopted volunteer projects with local nonprofit organizations or schools since 1990 to join forces in making their communities better places to live and work.

The clinic is grateful to Michelle for her nomination, to all the heroes who helped out, and to Lowe’s for the generous donation of $3500 of equipment and supplies.

Setting up a bookcase.

Assembling storage shelving.

Installing smoke alarm.

Tidy storage.

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