It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce Dr. Arthur Cooper has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the Pyrch Award!

This award is given annually to a volunteer at Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine who demonstrates a dedication to community service by providing compassionate, accessible healthcare and exemplifies the spirit and purpose of which its namesake, Dr. William J. Pyrch lived their life. 

Dr. Cooper is a retired OB-GYN physician, who has volunteered with the CVIM clinic for more than seven years. Dr. Cooper ran his own successful Oregon City practice for more than 30 years. Dr. Cooper has given 940 hours to CVIM through many volunteer avenues from being a volunteer physician to various committee work. In choosing the recipient, several things are considered: years of service, leadership, and character. 

What set Dr. Cooper apart from other candidates was his wholehearted belief in the clinic’s mission and services. He is always willing to add more provider hours, join a committee, or even completely gush about the clinic with someone. The Award was formally presented to Dr. Cooper on November 5th 2020 via video by Melinda Pyrch, daughter of Dr. Pyrch, and fellow volunteer and clinic founder, Dr. Michael Norris. Please be sure to extend your personal congratulations whenever you see him next and until then please send a virtual applaud his way! 

On behalf of Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine, congratulations on this achievement Dr. Cooper.