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The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation (‘OLSHF’) held its annual awards dinner and fundraising gala November 10th at the Elysian Ballroom in downtown Portland. Among the gala’s awards and award recipients was Dr. Barbara Briscoe and CVIM!

The ‘Vision Provider of the Year’ award was presented to Dr. Barbara Briscoe/ Founders Clinic-Volunteers in Medicine Clackamas. Since our partnership began in 2015, Dr. Briscoe has ordered more than 300 pairs of glasses for patients at her clinic and to patients referred by the local Lions Clubs. Because of her dedication to help people who are uninsured or underinsured and below the 200% poverty level, she volunteers as an optometrist at the Founders Clinic where hundreds of Oregonians have received complete, free eye exams and received low cost glasses through the Optical Finishing Lab.



The 2019 PYRCH AWARD was awarded to Heather at the 7th Annual CVIM Luncheon. Dr. Bill Pyrch was a beloved physician and one of the founders of Willamette Falls Hospital. When Dr. Pyrch died, he left an outstanding legacy of medical and community leadership. His family created an endowment for the clinic, to insure its long term sustainability. CVIM has chosen to present an annual award in Dr. Pyrch’s name to honor a donor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, in service to the clinic and its patients. HEATHER McNEIL certainly has done that, not just for the clinic but in life.

Heather has been a nurse for 55 years. She worked at the Clackamas County health clinics for 25 years. Her mission in life has been to care for others. She was in the Air Force active duty for 2 years and remained in the reserves for 25 years being depolyed to active duty for Desert Storm.

She became involved with CVIM as teh project was being developed, before the clinic was opened in 2012, becoming the Volunteer lead nurse for the first 4-5 years.

Heather has retired from the clinic at least 3 times but just can’t help herself! She loves the patients and the staff and keeps coming back to help. CVIM is lucky to be able to honor this wonderful, empathetic individual who has been incredibly important to the clinic.