Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) and Clackamas Community College (CCC) are developing an integrated clinic to offer medical care to eligible students and the broader community while serving as a training site for those interested in pursuing careers in allied health. The project, The Partnership for Community Healthcare and Education (PCHE), was initiated in the fall of 2020 and is scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2022. This will require a capital investment of $2.2 million. By relocating to the CCC campus, CVIM patients can conveniently explore options for affordable education, training, and intergenerational stability for themselves and their families.

Capital Campaign Partnership

CCC already offers career tracks in health sciences fields. Through CCC’s dental assistant program we hope to extend dental screening to CVIM patients. CVIM can also offer additional practical experience in areas such as pharmacy, lifestyle medicine, medical interpretation, community health work and vision care.

The Opportunity

  • CVIM needs a new sustainable location for its clinic. CCC has space on campus (Oregon City) to renovate into a new clinic.
  • CCC has allied health sciences tracts such as nursing, medical, and dental assisting.
  • CVIM has seasoned providers who mentor emerging medical professionals.
  • Many CCC students are low-income, un(der)insured, and supporting families, and eligible for CVIM services.
  • CCC is a transportation hub and provides access for urban and rural communities.


Volunteer-driven, nonprofit, primary care and vision clinic serving uninsured, low-income people in Clackamas County. Medical care is provided at no charge by over 130 volunteers & small staff.

Appointment-based care to 740 individuals annually (2019). CVIM patients are the hardest hit by pre-existing health disparities even before Covid-19. 63% of CVIM patients are from communities of color.


CVIM patients are most frequently diagnosed with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and depression.

CVIM patients are the hardest hit by pre-existing health disparities even before Covid-19.  Often supporting families, and unable to afford premiums or copays and still pay the rent. Ineligible for Medicaid: no employer-based insurance


One of the largest community colleges in the State of Oregon.  CCC Serves a diverse student body totaling more than 26,000 students. CCC has campuses at three locations in Clackamas County.


Affordable jumpstart to four-year universities.  Prepares students for careers in allied health as well as many other disciplines.

The average student age is mid-thirties and many work and support families. 

A high percentage of student families are food and housing insecure.  Many students experience barriers to accessing affordable healthcare.


Advisory Council

Martha Spiers, CVIM ED · Jennifer Worth, CVIM Board Chair  ·  Tim Cook, CCC President ·  John Chang, CCC Foundation ED ·  James Beatty
Martine Coblentz · Rod Cook · Dr. Art Cooper · Charles Gallia · Jeff Gudman · Jennifer Hawkins · Kristen Johnson ·  Heather Killough · Katy Mayer · DeLeesa Meashintubby ·  Rep. Mark Meek, District 40 · Alice Norris · Russ Reinhard ·  Jay Robinson III · Rep. Andrea Salinas, District 38

Board of Directors, Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine

Jennifer Worth, Chair · Joshua Gore · Jeff Gudman ·  Lance Nunn · Dr. Janet Leigh · Sitara Lones, FNP · Mini Sharma-Ogle · Zulema Naegele · Nhien Le ·  Dr. Michael Norris · Vicki Yates · Darlene Fritsche · Dr. Anna Tubman, Medical Director—Ex-Officio · Martha Spiers, Executive Director—Ex-Officio

Clackamas Community College Board of Education

Greg Chaimov · Rob Wheeler ·  Chris Groener ·  Aaron Woods · Jane Reid · Irene Konev


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